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Player, Coach, Staff - Registration Form Please fill in all information, your playing & coaching info will be used in your bio’s by the teams on their websites and by the AzFL in the game day publications online. Be sure to include the school names, years participated and positions played and held as a coach. This will help schools and teams identify you and begin their recruiting process. The more accurate info you include, the better your chance of being noticed.
Anyone that is going to be on staff even as a volunteer or part time must fill out this form in order to work with the team on game day and at practices.

NOTICE: Some information fields are mandatory and the form will not process without that information. If you only have one contact phone then list it in the “Home Phone” line. Be sure to include the area code.

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Photo, Video, Media and Liability Release.

I understand and agree that my name, voice, image or likeness may be used by the ARIZONA FOOTBALL LEAGUE also known as AzFL. I give complete unrestricted permission to the AzFL and any person or entity they designate to use, distribute, post or publish these any manner they choose. I give this permission indefinitely. I understand I will not receive any compensation this. I am at least 18 years of age. I am completely responsible to determine the effect on my continued eligibility to play high school or college sports. I hold harmless the AzFL, it’s officers, directors, coaches, game officials and any persons or businesses or entities that may be involved for any reason with the AzFL. To include but not limited to games, practices, team or league related meetings and activities and travel to and from such. I expressly assume all the risks and financial responsibility for all attorney and legal fees of any kind that may result from my choosing to participate in the AzFL. To include any injury or property damage I may do to others, or to myself. I understand that it is a physical sport and death could result. I agree to provide my own medical, liability and loss of income insurance. I agree that I am responsible to pay for any care or treatment given to me as a result of my participation or attendance. Even if such injury, death, loss or damage resulted from the AzFL or facilities, officers, teams negligence. I agree to abide peacefully with league and facility rules. Horseplay, drinking alcoholic beverages, fighting, threats of bodily harm and foul language are cause for my loss of privileges and the right to participate in the league or with any team. This includes postings online in any social media or web pages. I agree AzFL has sole discretion to take action and I will abide by their decision. I understand the game officials can not be threatened, touched or intimidated in any way. Enforcement of any or all of these rules is at the discretion of the AzFL or anyone they designate. All fees are earned when paid, there are no refunds or transfers. There is no guarantee that I will make a team or play or coach. I join at my own risk. I cannot practice, work out with or attend meetings with any team until I have registered and fully paid the AzFL fees. The AzFL reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone. I agree to pay a $50.00 fee for checks, electronic, online or phone payments returned, refunded, reversed, stopped or denied for any reason. I agree to make good immediately on the full amount plus the $50.00 fee. I understand that I cannot sell products or services of any kind to anyone affiliated with the AzFL. Including but not limited to it’s players, teams, sponsors, vendors or fans without written permission from the AzFL. This includes my introducing others to AzFL related teams, players etc.. I agree to pay any and all costs incurred by the AzFL should they pursue action against me. I also understand and agree that the AzFL can submit any debt I am responsible for to the proper credit reporting agencies. No waiver: The failure of the AzFL to exercise any rights stated here, will not operate as a waiver of such rights. I agree to pay $150. per person for any player, staff or coach that I recruit from the AzFL for any other football related activities or ventures. Once I join a team I understand there are AzFL player transfer rules for changing teams & I must clear my transfer with my current team first and the AzFL must approve it. I understand that all video, audio and images of games, meetings, events and practices are the copyright property of the AzFL written permission must be obtained to use in any manner. Copyright AzFL

By submitting this form I agree to all conditions and attest that all information is accurate and truthful. (if under 18 years of age contact the AzFL to register)

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