Luke 1: 46 Miryam said, "My soul magnifies the Lord. 47 My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior, 48 For he has looked at the humble state of his handmaid. For behold, from now on, all generations will call me blessed. 49 For he who is mighty has done to me great things. Holy is his name. 50 His mercy is for generations of generations on those who fear him.

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Author and mother, Mary T. Ficalora was on the air Amazing Performances Host Kevin Pakos 2008 to share her ideas on how we can take America back.
Aired on Friday, October 17th 2008 Amazing Performances Broadcast.

Jim ficalora

The seeds of Mary T. Ficalora's new book, Choosing Honor: An American Woman's Search for God, Family, and Country in an Age of Corruption, were planted with numerous childhood dinner-table discussions on hotly debated social and political topics. She notes: "We were a devout Roman Catholic family and there was much to be concerned about and invariably our family ended discussions on the note that we trusted our Constitution and the honor of our government authorities."


But, that faith has been broken, from Nixon's Watergate to Bush's Iraq, leaving Mary to feel her faith in government and honesty in any level of our society is shattered. This is why she is actively speaking out, making a call to action, and promoting a revelation of things to pay attention to and value.

Mary, 48, spent her childhood of the late 60's and early 70's in South America and Italy. The San Jose native describes herself as a "hippie-minded, ex-party girl who is now a soccer mom." For the last decade she's been producing and coordinating continuing education courses for psychologists (Professional Psych Seminars), as well as substitute teaching in Los Angeles.

The teacher, event coordinator, and television producer is also an active mom, volunteer, Cub Scout leader, and pre-school administrator, but her biggest challenge has come as an author.

She received a Seattle Emmy nomination in 1986 for producing and directing "The KXLY Video Rock-Off." She began her career in film and television production. Mary received a producing fellow certificate from the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film and Television Production. Mary worked for several years at KAET-TV in Phoenix, Arizona and KXLY-TV in Spokane, Washington. She also was the assistant to the producer and post-production coordinator for a Disney program in the late 80's, Backstage at the Zoo.

Her education includes attending school in Milan, Italy, Montevideo, Uruguay, London, and Stamford, Connecticut. She attended Marymount College and Gonzaga University and graduated from Arizona State.

Mary resides with her mate and three children in Agoura Hills, California. For more information, please consult


ON A CONTINUUM BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, most of us hover comfortably around the middle, never drifting too far toward either pole. In Choosing Honor, author Mary T. Ficalora takes readers on journeys deep into diametrically opposite worldviews, philosophies she terms "right makes right" and "might makes right".

Seasoned with historical accounts, pop culture references, and uninhibited perspectives, Choosing Honor reveals how both approaches to life are constantly at work--and at war--in our social, economic, and political worlds.

Calling for clarity, forgiveness, and a big dose of moral bravery, Ficalora argues that true honor is standing for the good of all in the face of forces beyond our control, and gathering the courage to do what's best for ourselves, our families, and our collective future. Offering positive, personal, and immediate issues to focus on in your life, Choosing Honor is an urgent call for action.



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