Jeremiah Smith - HFC Flagstaff Coconino HS Panthers

Story & Photos by Kevin Pakos for Arizona Sports Network Radio. Posted 8/6/17

Country Boys Can Survive. Jeremiah Smith grew up in Wyoming. A state with amazing history, views and people. From the Snake River to historic Cheyene it is a place were heaven touches earth everyday. How could anyone leave that. Well, find some place that is just as awesome.

Jeremiah calls Flagstaff, Arizona home and is proud to do so..He and his family love it here. The views, four seasons, internationaly recognized landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Snow Bowl and more just a short trip away.

But the thing he loves most about Flagstaff. The people. He teaches history, coaches football and works hard to leave things, everday, better for the people he serves. He speaks of his students, players, coaches, school colleagues and admin as if they were his family. He shares their pride, hopes and dreams.

This will be the fourth season for Coach Smith as shot caller for the Coconino Panthers High School Football team. He has another young team that has only a few seniors on it. The team plays a tough schedule in 4A, the Grand Canyon region. The squad will take more than a few three hour plus bus rides this season.

I met Jeremiah because of football. He played in the Arizona Football League when he arrived here from WYO. One of his teammates was a lineman name Deuce Lutui. You may know of him. He met his wife, Jaime while playing quarterback in the AzFL. Together they ran the  Flagstaff Hitmen, a club team that helped over two dozen men restart their college football careers.

If Jeremiah has a fault, it is being unable to say no to a kid that might have a future in the game. He takes their interests very seriously. Since his arrival at Coco, the number of student athletes going to college keeps rising each year.

I sat with him for a few minutes on a beautiful August night in Flagstaff to get his thoughts on this upcoming season. You will enjoy the inteview, it was a conversation with a man about the thing he loves most. His family. The young players on the Panthers are in good hands. Jeremiah, he is home, in a an amazing city, surrounded by people that make him thankful every day. Listen, enjoy, share the audio link with friends.


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