Guillermo Reyes Sleeves 
"G" Guillermo Reyes - Why I Play
Guillermo Reyes 

Story & Photos by Kevin Pakos for Arizona Sports Network Radio. Posted 8/4/17

G is a big dude. Tall, massive, a giant among men. The first thing you notice about him, his smile and how he welcomes all into his personal space. That is if you are meeting him outside the lines of his rectangle playbox, the football field.

On gameday, he is a massive dude on a mission. That mission is to make the offensive llnemen trying to block him ask themselves why? They could have stayed home, gone to a movie, played some video games. Nope, here they are. There his is, smiling.

In this interview we talk about why he wears the custom made sleeves for his daughter. What playing for the Cave Creek Dragons means to him. Why he plays. Why the sport of football gives him a new family, brotherhood, relationships. All the things a big, rough tough, football player like G puts into and gets out of this sport.

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