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Arizona Football League Season is Jan- May. Why watch when you can play! Get in the game
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The Arizona Football League has been playing since 1995 and has many features and benefits for the players. Follow the AzFL during the season and all year on ASPN radio each Saturday online.
  Teams play on Saturday, Jan-May

The Arizona Football League season runs January thru March, sometimes playoffs end in May.. Teams form and start working out from September thru December.


This is a Club, recreational, amateur league. The games are structured, officiated and highly competitive, the amateur status allows young athletes to maintain college eligibility!


Age requirements, at least 18. If you are still in high school, GRADUATE, then play. You cannot redo your high school experience.


Teams practice one to two times a week and play games on Saturdays. There are teams around the state. So teams have the opportunity to experience travel games once or more during the season.


When teams play in the Phoenix area, they are part of a set of back to back games that are two and a half hours apart. They will all be at the same location, on the same day. This provides team owners, players and coaches the opportunity to scout, build relationships and unite in a way that is completely unique in football.


All games are recorded with lots of action photos taken as well. The season schedule is usually posted in late December each year. For planning purposes, until the schedule is online, keep your Saturdays free for football.


Each team has 10 regular season games. In pre-season there are a series of controlled scrimmages here in the Valley and in Southern Arizona. Playoffs at the end of the regular season.


As a player you will need to provide your own helmet and pads and practice gear. Most teams have uniforms they hand out and pick up on game day. Some teams have you purchase parts or complete sets of uniforms and you keep them.  All uniforms have to match once the regular season begins, including, helmets, facemasks, decals, jerseys and pants.


You pick the team you want to play for. Until the season actually begins and an official game is played, players are free to move around to other teams. All you need to do is check in first with the teams and the AzFL so we can organize team rosters.


 Once the season begins players must clear it with the AzFL before moving to a new team. Players must be registered with the league before practicing or participating with any team.

Team rosters stay open during the regular season. Players can join a team until the playoffs begin.

To talk to someone from the AzFL you can call Monday thru Friday:

623-939-4877 or email us at

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College Football Bound?
If you plan on playing college football and you have already graduated high school. Please check out the NCAA rules for that HERE. Be sure of your eligibility status before you pad up.
Registered Players Benefits


Included in your AzFL membership:


A full season of smash-mouth football in a highly-organized, competitive league on teams with qualified owners!


Access to video of every game, regular season and playoffs. Video is processed for online viewing those games will be available for 2 weeks online – FREE


Team photos posted online for limited time for unlimited downloads – FREE


Action photos* posted online during season for unlimited downloads - FREE


The value of the photos and videos alone can be over $200!


*The photos are sized/resampled for easy access and download. Full resolution images and other photo products are available for purchase. Videos are available for download, once posted and available at no charge for 2 weeks. Photos only during the season and playoffs.


Player Registration fee is $150.00. Teams will have their own fee to participate, this is how they raise team funds. Get in the game.

When your High School, JUCO or college career is over, Stay in the Game. The Arizona Football League has teams around Arizona Playing Club Ball January - May. AzFL Alumni include Mesa College Head Coach Ryan Felker, Deuce Lutui-NFL, Chad DeGrenier, George Hawthorne, Gerard Williams and Siaha Burley - AFL. Stay on film, stay eligible, PLAY.

Game Video
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Accepting New Teams for 2016 - Coaches are needed also.

2016 Teams, more to come

West Valley Head Hunters
Scottsdale Crusaders
Tempe Predators
Tucson Demons
Cave Creek Dragons
Litchfield Park Renegades
West Side Raiders
AZ Stars

To Play:
Join azfl reg fee 150.00.
After you pay PayPal sends us and you a notice. Fill out the online form then click on the agree and submit button. Pay, Click, Play

or email

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